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Honey Island

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In response to a request by Shawna; and for anyone who has ever fallen deeper in love while near the sea:

Honey Island


Recalling fern-laced passages

We pledged our love

On Honey Island hill

The wind chorus unfurled remnants

Of salten songs whirling while

Seabirds clangled about

Guessing our names

Soaring for a living

Recalling rhythmic surf below

Full orchestra accompaniment

The dance; stars in our hearts

Bodies toe-to-toe carefully

Blown beyond a verdant path

You made me laugh

You made me love

You make me like living.


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beautiful Ron! Thank you :) :) I needed that fix.

Today was Andy's birthday, so I may decide to share this gift with him... because it made me think of him...

Seabirds do "clangle," don't they? ;) Loved it.

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