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ZZ Top


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Hi, Songfactors!

I'll be the first to say I'm a dedicated ZZ Top fan pre 80's.

Well, they're coming this week (May 14, '09 @ Innsbrook, VA).

I've seen 'em twice, before they had beards. Funny how Billy Gibbons (lead singer, lead guitarist, harmonica, steel, dobro, saxaphone) and Dusty Hill (bass, back-up vocals) have HUGE beards.

The drummer (Frank "Beard") is clean shaven!


No, people don't EVER notice things like that.

Yep, they're making a Tex-Mex side-step into my town this (5-14-09) Thursday.

However, AEROSMITH is in the midst of a tour and can YOU guess who is the opening band?


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ZZ Top = Zig Zag & Top rolling papers.

Viaene if you can manage it, go see ZZ Top. Explain to your parents it's a once in a lifetime chance. With you love of blues, you'll love it, they put on a great show, I saw them in the 80's.

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Good answer as well as sound advice, Lucky.


Where did the name "AEROSMITH" originate from?

(yes, it involves this thread because ZZ Top is opening for them, IE;

Steven Tyler; lead vocalist, pianist, harmonica, jawharp and yodel extraordinaire, Joe Perry; lead guitar, voice-box, steel, slide, "Perryslide" and back-up vocals, Brad Whitford; rhythm guitar and back-up vocals, Tommy Hamilton; four, six-string bass, back-up vocals and last but not least; the drummer, Joey Kramer; drums, percussion and back-up vocals)

Gonna be one helluva a show, yo!

I can't help myself because I LOVE both bands but to see them together during the same night is too many neuro-transmitters for my little brain to comprehend!

Let's get a small dose of the musical genius presented by Billy Gibbons and the "li'l ole band from Texas" shall we?

(I regret that I can't find a cut off of their BEST album, TEJAS) Wait'n for the Bus

Let's not forget the headliner...


Rock on, everyone!


Post Script:

Folks, if you've never seen ZZ Top perform live, I'll ask you to drop everything you deem important to witness music at its very best!

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Well, I just got back from the show.

I was quite disappointed that Aerosmith didn't show. The reason that I heard through the grapevine was Steven Tyler had strep throat.

But, ZZ Top kicked royal ass!

They started off with an outstanding rendition of "Hey Joe."

They ended up with a melody of Tush, Wait'n for the bus/Jesus just left Chicago, and Just got paid.

They were dressed in black with shiny sequins.

I'm certain that their beards will not get any longer.

All in all, they were good enough to allow me to forget about Aerosmith.

If they come to your town, try your best not to miss them.

They've still got it!

Although, I'll say that Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) was the inspiration for me to first pick up a guitar!

Below is a fine example

Woman of the World

No one, IMHO, can slide like Joe Perry.

I had the pleasure of meeting him once.

He's the coolest dude I've EVER talked to!

Steven Tyler, though, was stuck up.

Maybe it was strep throat?

BTW, no one answered the question of where Aerosmith got their name.

Well, it was first stated in the novel, "Lord of the Flies." Though, it was spelt "Arrowsmith"

Below is another fine example

Lord of the Thighs

Heck, I love Aerosmith! I think their best album is Get Your Wings.

Here's yet another track . . .

Same Ole Story

While we're at it, this next song off the same album is definitely my favourite "fight" song . . .

S.O.S (Too Bad)

I saved the best for last. The below track is off their masterpiece, Get Your Wings, as well as the other songs I mentioned before . . .

Train Kept a Roll'n

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I remember working a ZZ Top show back in the '80s, and during their soundcheck their Top Girls would come out and dance for them - that's respect. (or written into the contract)

I believe ZZ Top is the answer to this great trivia question:

What still-active American band has gone the longest with no member changes?

Glad Top put on a good show for you Muzik, although the lack of Aerosmith is a drag.

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Well, it was first stated in the novel, "Lord of the Flies." Though, it was spelt "Arrowsmith"

Actually that is incorrect, although sort of close. I just remembered reading about it while researching Top Tens .... the name came, in a roundabout way from the Sinclair Lewis novel "Arrowsmith".

Speaking of Joey Kramer ...

The name had popped into his head after listening to Harry Nilsson’s album Aerial Ballet, an homage to Nilsson’s grandparents’ aerial circus act, that featured jacket art of a circus performer jumping out of a biplane. Initially, Kramer’s bandmates were nonplussed; they all thought he was referring to the boring Sinclair Lewis novel they were forced to read in high school English class. “No, not Arrowsmith,†Kramer explained. “A-E-R-O...Aerosmith.†[27]

I wonder if we have that artistfact?

edit: we did not. we do now. ;)

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