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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #164


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ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE MOST WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. The greater the participation, the more diverse, and more representative our top ten list is. We'd like to invite everyone to help us select THE SONGFACTOR'S CHOICE TOP TEN! :)


* Nominate two songs that haven't made the Ten before ... Click here to view Every Song That's Made The Songfactors' Choice Top Tens (Artists). ... And here to view Every Song That's made The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten (Songs)

Yes, it's true, we now have two, two, two lists in one! :)

* When nominations close, choose your favorite Ten songs in order of preference from the Final Nominations and post them here. Points are allotted, 10 for your #1 song, 9 for #2, Etc. and our Top Ten is compiled from them. At the end of the voting period we'll announce The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten For that week.



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Red Light - Johnny Lang - 1997

Nothing to do with this song, but in case you don't know who he is, here's a little info for you :D

Johnny Lang's big-label debut "Lie To Me", was released a day before he turned 16.

The first CD of his I ever owed. I became an instant fan. Me and a lot of other people :D

He has played with some of the best blues men out there. He is now the ripe old age of 28 and will most

likely be a blues legend in his own right.

This song doesn't really reflect his ability on the guitar,

but I can tell you he is amazing.

Walking on Sunset - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - 1968

I absolutely love this video. The things you have to do to get promoted these days :doh:

The expressions on their faces? Priceless

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Maybe Tomorrow ~ Stereophonics (2003) Video and mp3

I wanna breeze and an open mind

I wanna swim in the ocean

Wanna take my time for me

All me

So maybe tomorrow

I'll find my way home

So maybe tomorrow

I'll find my way home

Out of Time Man ~ Mano Negra (1991) Video and mp3

(now it's half past two)

Long gone the rendez-vous

(now it's half past three)

Time made a fool out of me

(now it's half past four)

Baby, can't you see?

(No use in waiting no more)

It's a timing tragedy

I think it's nine

when the clock says ten

the girl wouldn't wait

for the out of time, out of time man


I included mp3s for the people in countries where youtube is being mean

(left click --> listen; right click & 'save target as' --> download)

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"Panic" - The Smiths

Classic Smiths tune: catchy compelling pop with Marr's ringing guitars and Morrissey's wry lyrics confronting all the bands whose music "says nothing to me about my life".

"Fake Plastic Trees" - Radiohead

One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. An epic that starts with a delicate strum, adding layers of strings and synthesizers until the powerful, soaring climax, while singer Thom Yorke laments the emotional falsehood and alienation within society in his gorgeous tenor.

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Nomination #1: "Rottweillers" - Nerve Rack (1991)

Rottweilers (Sing along, people! ;) )

When I smile

My doggy grin

When I smile.....

When I smile I show my teeth

My eyes


My bloodshot eyes...

My eyes are hollow ground

Lip fungus

Gutter tongue

Lip fungus

Lip fungus, chewing like a hoover....

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

They're primed to maim...

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

I've got two dogs...

Two dogs and a sawn-off shotgun!

And, by way of contrast...

Nomination #2: "Aura" - The Church (1992)


We all came back from the war

I wish somebody would tell me the score

We raked old Poseidon over the coals

Shook his shells, shaked his shoals

Where can a soldier fix himself a drink

Forget the noise, forget the stink

And the opium is running pretty low

'Cause when the pain comes back, I don't want to know

Across yonder ocean the natives are fierce

Their ears are filled their teeth are pierced

But it's not their spears that spill your breath

They kill their enemies by loving them to death

We were on some battlefield

I felt something soft go through my shield

I felt something warm enter my guts

I was bleeding bad but there were no cuts

They captured three of us, took us back to their village

After a long long time I could decipher their language

They worshipped Baal, they worshipped the sun

They worshipped the son of the evil one

They were more than voracious, they sucked our ambition

They let me go on one condition

That was when I came back to my native shore

I tell you they don't want to play with us anymore

But a part of me will never be free

And the part that's free will never be me

But a thing of love and beauty is in my head

A message from our enemies, and here's what they said

They said that love equals hate

And death equals fate

An enemy always equals an adorer

But priest equals aura

Yeah, and life equals time

And time equals space

And space equals sublime

And human equals race

Oh and woman equals man

And pot equals pan

The fauna ought to equal the flora

But priest equals aura

And beginning equals the end

The end always equals the start

But straight equals bent

The mind sometimes equals the heart

And you equals me

The land equals the sea

Richer equals poorer

And priest = aura.

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