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Manchester Orchestra

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This is me being 'mainstream alternative.' Fact is, I am woefully uncool, because I had no idea these guys existed till a couple of weeks ago. And they've been around since 2005. Why don't you people keep up with the times?!?! Why do I have to do all the work?!?! :mad:


Well, I'm sure their earlier stuff is better because this album - or rather, the single off it - is getting a fair bit of coverage on Triple J aka the 'cool' radio station. Catchy tune - makes me wonder about the rest of their stuff.

They're 'indie,' come from REM, B52 and T-P land and sound to me like you'd like them if you like Modest Mouse.


I've Got Friends

and do the rest of the research yourself:


MySpace (full album streamable - sounds good so far)

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