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Also one-half of "Brechtian punk-cabaret" duo The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer released her first solo album "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" in late 2008.

Produced (splendidly) by Ben Folds, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" remains my "Top Album Of 2008".

Amanda is just soooo under-rated, a "star-in-waiting"; I'm just waiting for the rest of the world to wake up and sniff the beans.

Let's see; she has wit, charm, intelligence, glamour, is an excellent and versatile songwriter - can turn her hand to heart-rending, insightful, vulnerable, then feisty or disturbing, then disposable pop, evocative / thought-provoking, cabaret/songs from the musicals, etc.- she seems interesting and characterful, without appearing contrived or pretentious. In addition to the quality and versatility of her songwriting, I should mention her spirited commitment to the business of "entertainment"; her presentation (music and its performance) is constantly underpinned by her "dramatic arts" background. She's the full package.

In a worldful of identikit popstars and palpable mediocrities posing as "the new big thing", I sometimes ask myself: "what kind of pop-star heroes do you people really want?"

Anyway, check these out for yourselves:

"astronaut" Link

"runs in the family" Link

"ampersand" Link

"leeds united" Link

"strength through music" Link

"guitar hero" Link

"what's the use of wond'rin'?" Link

"oasis" Link

"the point of it all" Link

"another year" Link

Find out more about "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" (lyrics, the creative process, its accompanying coffee-table book) by checking out its designated website: HERE

More interesting stuff about the wonderful Amanda on Wikipedia: HERE

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Pleased to hear it, Farin. I think my mum (Bless her soul: she passed away in 1997) would probably have liked Amanda Palmer too. For her age, she was refreshingly broadminded in her music tastes, my mum. When I was a teenage punk rocker, she never despaired, never slagged off my music; she showed an interest and found some of it quite intriguing.

She loved classy French chanteuse Barbara ( cue:Barbara's wonderful "L'Aigle Noir"(which always brings a tear to my eye :( ), was one of the first people in the world to spot the nascent talent of Kate Bush ( cue:"Wow"), and was partial to a spot of Bauhaus ( cue: "Spirit"), whom she saw in concert in Edinburgh, 1981, slightly before they became mainstream popular.

Perhaps I digress wildly, but, then again, I think there's a little of all of the aforementioned artists in the makeup of Amanda Palmer, so I'm still kind of "on topic".

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