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Beatles '65, Early and VI

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Beatles '65

'65 was not release in 1965, but rather late 1964, December 15, 1964. In the U.S. the album was a blockbuster hit, and jumped from #98 straight to #1, making the biggest jump to the pole position in the history of the Billboard Album Charts up to that moment. The large photo on the sleeve was the four holding open umbrellas (sitting in the English winter) with three smaller photos below with them "springs", then in summer theme photo, and finally one with sweeping leaves from fall. Possibly a tribute to the four seasons.

March 22, 1965

The Early album contains most the songs from "Introducing... The Beatles" released over a year before.

The Beatles VI released June 14, 1965, the cover photo in which three members are holding a knife cutting a cake (cropped out of photo on cover) Ringo is in the back. Beatles VI includes two tracks recorded specifically for the North American market: "Bad Boy" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", both covers of Larry Williams songs,and both recorded on Williams' birthday (May 10th 1965) marking perhaps the only time that the Beatles recorded material especially for the U.S. market.

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