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Quitting Songfacts

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As the title says

I find myself in a very busy life with not much time to be here. Furthermore I sense hostile energies from some of you members. I don't think I have any contribution to make to this website anymore. I had a good time, but that time has ended now..

Goodbye to the members who have been nice to me, I'll miss you and maybe we can still email or something...

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I'm hoping its an April Fool's thing Viaene. I'd hate to see you leave. But just in case...

SF is not something you have to do 24/7 unless your me. We love to see you when you come in you don't have to leave. You can come and at least visit us ya know :shades:

If someone here has upset you just ignore them like I do or tell Shawna :laughing:

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From Monty Python:

Well now, the result of last week's competition when we asked you to find a derogatory term for the Belgians. Well, the response was enormous and we took quite a long time sorting out the winners. There were some very clever entries. Mrs Hatred of Leicester Said 'let's not call them anything, let's just ignore them' ... (applause starts vigorously, but he holds his hands up for silence) ... and a Mr St John of Huntingdon said he couldn't think of anything more derogatory than Belgians. (cheers and applause; a girl in showgirl costume comes on and holds up placards through next bit) But in the end we settled on three choices: number three ... the Sprouts (placard 'The Sprouts'), sent in by Mrs Vicious of Hastings... very nice ; number two..... the Phlegms (placard) ... from Mrs Childmolester of Worthing; but the winner was undoubtedly from Mrs No-Supper-For-You from Norwood in Lancashire... Miserable Fat Belgian B******s. (placard; roar of applause) Very good - thank you

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April fools :D

I should have bribed somebody to react upset in stead of Fintan's reaction :P

I'm glad Fin reacted as fast as he did, because my initial reaction would have been quite different ;):P

but that was a good one :thumbsup:

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there's gone for good

and there's good and gone

and there's gone with the long before it

I wish you'd been just a little more clear

well, there's gone for the day

and gone for the night

and gone for the rest of your doggone life

is it whiskey night

or just a couple beers?

I mean what kind of gone are we talkin' 'bout here?

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