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One Hit Movie Wonders

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Well for all you know you're alone in your feelings for Warriors and at least we KNOW your alone feelings for Xanadu so we feel very sad for it when you neglect it (even if by 'we', we mean 'me' and 'me' hasn't seen either).

Awww, poor neglected Xanadu :puppyeyes: there, there, she still loves you *petpetpet*

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Malcolm Macdowell, as far as I know

Malcom Macdowell?:


O Lucky Man

A Clockwork Orange


...and a Star Trek movie!!

You're a bit cruel, I reckon. More correct to say that Malcolm is one of those who was a big star as a young man, but never realy kicked on as a mature actor.


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Joel Grey is more Broadway - and proudly so ,I think . I don't believe he ever aspired as to stoop so low as to be a common movie actor .

Oh, no doubt. But you can't deny that he did have just one wonderful and fantastic movie role. A graeter accomplishment than many "stars" would have in a lifetime of films.


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