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Happy Birthday Tenacious Peaches!!


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I know I have claimed many a song to be about our disturbing, unbreakable bond, but this one truly fits. Although I may not want to make graphs together, I would be down for some popping and locking. While I must insist that I'm the Jim to your Murray ("Electric Copper"), I would let you be Jemaine and I'll be Brett because that's how much I love you. Happy Birthday to the best hetero life partner I could ever ask for!

Friends sing together

La La La La

Friends do things together

La La La La

Friends laugh together

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Friends make graphs together

La La La La

Friends help you when your in danger

Friends are people who are not strangers

Friends help you shift into a new place tell you if you've got food on your face

Friends are the ones on whom you can depend

He's my friend he's not my friend

Friends are the ones who are there in the end

He's my friend they're not my friends

If you trip over I'll catch you fall

If you kick my dick I won't break your balls

If you get drunk and vomit on me I'll make sure you get home safely

If you cross the road and a truck struck you I'll scrape you up and reconstruct you

I'll cheer you up if your depressed

If you get murdered I'll avenge your death

Friends walk together

La La La La

Pop and lock together

Sh Sh Sh Sh

Me and him together

La La La La

Me and Jim forever


Friends go jogging at the track

Friends borrow money never pay it back

Friends do not let friends to crack

Friends go out and grab a snack

Friends drink beer in the sun and like girlfriends that don't mind if you have more than one

Friends tell you when your flys undone

*Murry your flys undone*

My uncle John had a special friend

They dressed alike his name was Ben

I've never seen two friends like them

They were very very friendly men

La La La La

Friends, friends, friends

La La La La

Friends, friends, friends, friends

La La La La

Friends, friends, friends, friends

La La La La


La La La La


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You've probably seen this picure 27346248 times before, I but found it days after your last birthday and because it was too late to use it then, it's been sitting in a folder all of its own on my laptop ever since. Now it will finally see the light of day (for the 27346249th time)!


Happy Birthday! :) :happybanana:

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Peachness! I'm going to be very cliche and post a Peach-cake for you. It's your own fault you chose that name :rolleyes:


But, I could never be THAT cliche - your cake is different from all the other cakes: it's fat free and vegan :cool: (obviously I won't be eating any of it)

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