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The Mighty Songfacts Easter Egg Hunt

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I shouldn't have said that, right? :shades:

But it's just forumers who see my post and if the non-forumers need any more proof of how much better off we are in life, then here it is :cool:

edit: ah, the thread is still there, but the answers aren't :) Sorry Shawna.

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I'm ahead of ya Fin - I made sure to delete the post with last year's answers before putting up this one.

We did re-use some questions, but there's plenty of new ones. Besides, who can resist "What the kids saw when Barney the dinosaur fell on them." :)

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c'mon... I know someone out there has the answer for #7.... I'll give you a treat... if you share it... Psssst... c'mon... ;) ;) ;)

2 crayons, a lighter, 3 doughnuts and a shoe.

That's easy! Name all the things you could find in Mike's playpen when he was 4 years old. - sheeesh, throw me a hardball next time.

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