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Police say shoplifter spent 12 hours in store


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LONGVIEW, Wash. – Police said a shoplifter spent 12 hours inside a Winco Foods store on Monday, hiding items before she tried to check out. She did pay for $80 worth of groceries, but was stopped by store employees after leaving the store. The Longview Daily News reported that an employee told police he saw the woman take a pair of scissors from a shelf and use it to cut packaging off merchandise.

The newspaper said employees searched her bags and found more than 100 small items worth more than $300 that she didn't pay for: greeting cards, children's toys, sunglasses and batteries.

The woman, 57, woman was booked into jail for investigation of theft. Employees said they were suspicious because she entered the store before 5 a.m. and stayed until 5 p.m.

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