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What would you do?

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If I was St Peter, then the person who fired me from my job would most likely be God himself. I'd step aside.

WWYD if you do if an alien wanted to take an innocent person away, but threatened to take your life if you wouldn't help them to capture that person.

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Been there, done that. I searched every aisle until I found what I thought it was what I went there for. When I got home I realized what I had forgotten and had to go back :doh:

WWYD if you were locked out of your home and you saw a wolf approaching.

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Most likely, if you saw the blinding white light, you wouldn't even have time to see the mushroom cloud as you'd be instantly blinded and vaporized.

WWYD if you could push The Button?

If I could push the button then I'd be assured that nuclear war would never happen.

WWYD if someone offered you a billion dollars to cut off your fingers from your writing hand?

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