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The Only Infomercial I Ever Paid Attention To


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A couple of weeks ago, we were over visiting a favorite convalescing uncle (double bypass, mind those cigarettes, they're a bit*h). They had recently purchased a new ginormous tv and asked me to hook it up. Having done that, we settled in for the usual evening of laughs and conversation. Normally, I give infomercials about the same attention span as I give the Jehova's Witnesses, but this infomercial had Aerosmith in it. And Kiss. And Wolfman Jack. And Helen Reddy. And AC/DC (WITH, Bon Scott who apparently shoved a zucchini down the front of his drawers, pre-show). Ted Nugent, Wild Cherry, Heart, Al Green and it kept going and going. The next performance better than the last. 15 minutes into this and I'm writing the 1-800 number on my hand with a magic marker and scrambling for my Visa card to the laughter of everyone present.

This set rocks. I've got over 9 hours of pure magic. Willie Nelson doing a *beautiful* "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". Ditto Linda Ronstadt with "Long Long Time". Aerosmith looking impossibly young (and totally wasted) burning through "Train Kept A-Rollin'". I'm fairly certain I've made a deal with the devil, similar to a Columbia House contract (who HAD to have taken their marketing tips from the Jehova's), but I don't care. I want 'em all.

Check it out....

Aerosmith - Train Kept a-Rollin'

Redbone - Come And Get Your Love

Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music (White Boy)

AC/DC - Sin City

Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years

Steve Miller - The Joker What, exactly, is the pompitous of love?

Turrible Ted Nugent -Cat Scratch Fever

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

This could go on a lot longer but you get the idea... Thanks Burt Sugarman, you were ahead of your time......


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I've seen that same infomercial! It's for DVDs of "The Midnight Special" TV series. Here's a link to the official website for it,


It's a subscription deal, the first dvd is 9.95 +3.95 shipping and they send you different ones every month.

You can also buy a specific DVD from the set from Amazon.com for slightly more money.

I personally prefer the infomercial for the sounds of a specific decade-type CD collections.

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The only infomercial I watched in its entirety and almost responded to by calling the number on the screen was for the set of Dean Martin Celebrity Roast tapes. So many stars of Hollywood appeared on those shows. All the roasts were very, very funny. Even the little snippets during the infomercial made the informercial worth taping!

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