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Raising Arizona


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Between what I've read at Amazon & IMDB, the song is probably "Goofing Off Suite" performed by Pete Seeger on banjo (dunno if that's his voice). They each indicate he also did "Ode To Joy" From Symphony #9 (Beethoven) on banjo, but that song was apparently not on the soundtrack.

I don't know how much help that is. :P

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Looks like the Pete Seeger song was covered for the movie by John R. Crowder.

Here's what wiki says...

"The score to Raising Arizona is written by Carter Burwell, the second of his collaborations with the Coen Brothers.

The sounds are a mix of organ, massed choir, banjo, whistling and yodeling.

Themes are borrowed from the "Goofing Off Suite", originally recorded by Pete Seeger in 1955, which includes an excerpt from the "Chorale" movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9" and "Russian Folk Themes and Yodel". Musicians credited with playing the music for the film are Ben Freed on banjo, Mieczyslaw Litwinski on Jew's harp and guitar and yodeling by John R. Crowder.

Selections from Burwell's score to Raising Arizona were released on an album in 1987, along with selections from the Coen's previous (and first) feature film, Blood Simple.

[edit] Track listing

"Introduction - A Hole in the Ground" – (0:38)

"Way Out There (Main Title)" – (1:55)

"He Was Horrible" – (1:30)

"Just Business" – (1:17)

"The Letter" – (2:27)

"Hail Lenny" – (2:18)

"Raising Ukeleles" – (3:41)

"Dream of the Future" – (2:31)

"Shopping Arizona" – (2:46)

"Return to the Nursery" – (1:35) "

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