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what Halftime Shows Would You Wanna See in the Superbowl?


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Because a longtime Elton John fan, I watched a bit of his special last night on PPV cable, Elton John in Rio. After about 15 minutes, saw all I wanted of "Elton the Baritone." He sang Rocket Man and it just isn't even close without the falsetto - which he can no longer achieve. I prefer to keep my memories of his great talent, rather than accept his past work in his present state.

As for Superbowl halftime; I'd love to see a Go Gos reunion. Rip it up, girls!

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If football has replaced baseball as our national pastime and The Super Bowl is nearly a national holiday...I would love a good old blues show. What honors our past more than that? BB King, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter...fill the stage with 'em. That is something I would watch, enjoy and remember.

With that said, the network execs would never go this route...not enough star appeal I guess. they did a Blues Brothers show (maybe ten years ago), but that ain't the blues.

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