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American Idol 2009

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I have a feeling Kris won by a good chunk. The judges and producers seemed to be staging everything for Adam, but the voting public just likes Kris better. Note that Adam got to perform with Queen and Kiss tonight - 2 of the most bombastic bands out there and a perfect fit for him. Kris got Keith Urban, which isn't bad, but he would have been better suited with Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews.

I think Kris will have a real solid career, and Adam will be interesting. He could be a Broadway star.

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Exactly what I've been saying. Adam should be on Broadway, he's terribly talented there's no denying. But I've felt that Kris should bethe American Idol. He'll be marketable across a greater fanbase, demographic wise. Young things all the way to Grandma's will like Kris, and he'll be able to sing more types of songs. He looked & sounded great with Urban, though. I'm tickled, yay Kris!!

Anyone else feel like there was a lot of whoring going on last night? I know that's what it was intended to be (much like Late Night tv), but wow.


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I watched it with my daughters ( ages 15& 11). This is our consensus opinion. Adam will sell many albums and be quite huge in the music biz. Kris will be covering Rascal Flatt songs at the VFW in Piscataway, New Jersey. Sorry, the boy was very dull to us.

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