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O.A.R.'s Marc Roberge


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These guys are all over the radio these days, and TV. They've also been my nephew's favorite band since their first CD about 10 years ago. So I said to myself, "Self, there's definitely something there." :grin:

This goes in my Top Ten list of favorite songwriter conversations. After a couple of reschedules, I wondered if I'd ever really get to talk to this guy.

Since his time zone on the rescheduled day was 2 hours ahead of me, he wound up calling me 2 hours earlier than planned... said he was just "going over the math" in his head and decided it was better to be early than late. No problem. I was prepared. :)

Marc is such a regular guy, with regular stories that regular folks can relate to... being a teenager and dreaming of stardom... making big plans in a pizza joint over pepperoni and sodas... only in O.A.R.'s case they're living out the fairytale.

He was the sort of guy I could picture just chillin' with and having a beer. If I drank beer.

Marc Roberge ~ O.A.R.

Enjoy! :)

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