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Songs that the singing starts at the same time as the music


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Ummm, Pulling Mussels has the instruments one beat before the singing ;-)

Some Beatles singles where they Come Together:


Hello Goodbye

One where the instruments are just ONE beat ahead of the vocals:

We Can Work It Out

And here are a squillion where the vocals come ahead of the instruments:

From Me To You (only one beat ahead)

All My Loving (two beats?)

It Won't Be Long (not a single, but should have been)

Can't Buy Me Love

Nowhere Man

Yellow Submarine (only one beat)

Penny Lane (one beat)

Hey Jude (one beat)

The Long and Winding Road

SO those simultaneous ones are very rare, but one beat difference happens quite a lot. Interesting question.


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Hi Randy, doesn't the Floyd song have several bars of instrumental intro before the vocals start?


The single of it starts with the happiest days of our lives followed by another brick in the wall pt2,

On "the happiest days of our lives": even if you ignore the helicopter in the first parts, there's still a few loose beats before the singing. BUT the melody/bassline starts with the vocals

On "another brick in the wall" voice and music start quite on the same time.

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Oh, and of course, You Got Nothing I Want isn't the only Cold Chisel song that fits - Bow River does too ( :rockon: :bow: :rockon: :bow: :rockon: ). Though, sadly, there is still no video on YouTube that has the studio version of Bow River.

Perhaps I should make it my job to fix that... I'll have to find out how to make videos from audio and image files though.

Actually, Bow River wasn't a single, so that doesn't fit either. :(

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(Yes, but what about Bow River?) EDIT: Hey... simultaneous post!! Not a single? Are you sure?

I've been thinking hard about this, and it's actually very rare for the instruments and singing to be simultaneous. Plenty of examples where one is a beat ahead of the other (like "Pulling Mussels From The Shell").

I'm putting some candidates here:



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