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I can't believe I missed this post. I love OLP. I have never figured out why they aren't more popular. Their biggest hit was "Clumsy" and "Is Anybody Home" was fairly popular. I've only seen them in concert twice as they don't get down this way much.

The last time I saw them was in Birmingham, AL, and Raine said he thought it was cool that people all the way down in Alabama liked their music. I know that they are pretty popular in Canada. They seem to win a Juno award pretty regularly. Seems like I heard that they are the only major label Canadian band that has sold more albums in Canada than in the U.S.

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I never created this before now because I guess I thoguht OLP were rather popular everywhere.

Our Lady Peace are an awesome Candian band, that are pretty popular up here. They are pretty rockin; but also have some amazing acoustic and soft songs. Unfortunately, their last few albums have been poor, but I hope they will come back. With the albums

'Clumsy' and 'Happiness... is not a fish you can catch' the guitars were rockin and melodic, the vocals were dangerous. Raine (vocals) has a great voice for rock. His falsetto is amazing, and he really used it on earlier albums.

These guys are one of my favorite bands from the late 90's early 00's. Great lyrics, vocals, and instruments that don;t overdo everything, which is rare for that time period. I saw these guys in May, and it was SO rockin I was singing along to lyrics I didn't know I knew.

If you aren't listening to OLP you are missing out BIG TIME. Check em out. Notable songs:

Superman's Dead

4 A.M.

One Man Army





Automatic Flowers


Where Are You

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