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The Broken Family Band

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SF: What did you mean by “I’m like a kid, and you’re like a woman.â€

Steve: When you’re on like a first date, and somebody’s better at choosing the wine. (laughing) Oh, I know, there is an interesting thing about that. It’s “You’re like a woman,†God, I always forget this. Originally it was supposed to be funny because I was getting sick of writing songs in my head in an American accent, knowing that I was gonna sing songs in an American accent, and I thought it would be something an American would say; an English person would say, “You’re a woman,†and an American would say, “You’re, like, a woman.†No one ever picks up on the fact that it was supposed to be, “You’re, like, a woman,†as opposed to “You resemble a woman.â€

:laughing: :laughing: :thumbsup:

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Shawna, great interview! I read it the other night, but was too sleepy to make an intelligent comment. I'm going to listen to the songs I have on CD again after reading this.

I was interested that they actually did intend the country sound at first, it wasn't just a gimmick on certain songs. That sound is what drew me to these guys at first, but I find I enjoy all the various directions they veer into now.

Good job kiddo!! ;)

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