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Born In Corn, Raised in Raisins

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Milk in the butter and butter in the churn

A penny saved is a penny earned

For my butter the good lord yearns

I'll be churnin so long as the world turns

There's a dog in the kitchen an a chicken in the sink

Mammy don't eat daddy don't drink

Granny said chile what do you think?

High in fiber, low in zinc

Got a corn cob pipe an a pipe corn cob

Sold my chili to hot rod bob

Bucket o stew, i'm a big fat slob

Beans, beans, that's my job.

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I'll try to be the 1st to reply and say...... this | really like. Because, see I like everything, pretty much, to some degree. I'm easily amused. I even like things I don't like, sometimes, just to see what it's like for others who do like them :goof: .......(and who am I to say because I may really be a bit more crazy than the average fish).......

But, this | really like !!!!!!

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