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Sexiest woman in rock


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Oh-- and all this Bowie talk-- funny thing. Every time i talk to a girl about older movies they all love Labyrinth, the Bowie fantasy movie-- it seems to be an important thing in girls' lives who're between 28-35-- his unit is visible through green tights and was the first seen by many many ladies I know.

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I know Beyonce isn't "rock", but she's gorgeous, IMO. Pink is very pretty, too, when she's not making "tough chick" faces.

Pat Benatar......Salt N Pepa.....the ladies from the Go Go's....

I agree with Uncle Joe about Susannah Hoffs and the ladies from En Vogue

Pink is just ugly - looks like she smells of, er, incontinence.

Beyonce though is veeery foxy.

And good call on En Vogue - two of them were stunning.

One not mentioned so far - Michelle Phillips from the Mamas & Papas - really beautiful.

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