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Neil Young Photo?

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Hi everyone. My computer crashed and is now officially dead (I'm using someone elses at the moment). I lost some image files and there is one in particular that I really love but can't find anywhere that I want to save on this computer while I have the time.

It's a photo of Neil Young. It's black and white and kind of an art shot. He's sitting down holding his guitar, or maybe playing it? and staring into the camera with a very intense look on his face. I estimate it was taken in his early to mid-thirties.

I know it's not much to go on. It could be a million photos of him! But if you have any ideas or can help me find it please post here. Thanks. :)

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Great. Glad you kept digging. BTW, have you tried any of the recovery software to see if you could salvage your files?

No, I'm no good with technology so I'm having someone come and look at it for me tomorrow. Thanks. :)

It is a great pic RonJonSurfer. One of my favourites of him. And yeah, I think he is a lot younger than I thought in it. He's got those great sideburns happening! I'm going to see him live soon so I'm on a bit of a Neil kick at the moment. Well, I'm always on a Neil kick! I think he's one of the best.

Anyway, thanks again for your help.

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So Clara, allow to me a free ride please. I've always been a huge Neil Young fan, though, much more in the 70s than any other time. There's a song that's been on my mind for the past couple of years and I can't put my finger on it. I believe it was one of his later albums, relatively speaking. Harvest, etc, in that time frame.The only thing I can remember is I believe the song began with a slow harmonica solo for perhaps 10+ seconds or so and then drums, guitar, vocals, etc. Very popular song among folks who like Neil Young.



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Hi Ron. I think you're probably right. I recall something similar but different. Back when "we" were young and free, my compadres and I would sit around and play a lot of Neil Young on guitars and harmonica. I remember starting the song off with the harmonica part I refer to. There's a really good chance I modified that part to the way it "should" have been or my memory is slipping a bit as Time Fades Away. :guitar:



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That sounds like Heart of Gold, but there are others that may fit the bill.

That's what I thought, or maybe Comes A Time? It's kind of like the photo, there are so many that it could be!

I've been meaning to read the Shakey biography for a while. I'll have to get to the library. And I'm borrowing that Neil Young wallpaper when I get my computer fixed! So many talented people around.

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I enjoyed "Shakey" so much, I decided to e-mail the author, Jimmy McDonough and let him know how much I appreciated the book. I also thanked him for persevering through a law suit (by Neil) to stop the book. It seems that Neil participated willingly and got cold feet upon reading it...I think that means it was dead on. Anyway, Jimmy wrote right back to me...I'm sure he wouldn't mind my sharing his response:

"Your letter is greatly appreciated. I never thought I'd live to see the day of publication for that book, so I am glad somebody enjoys it. I'll have a new music book out next fall, a biography of Tammy Wynette entitled Tragic Country Queen.

Thanks again for taking the time to write."

Jimmy M

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I dig Neil Young a lot not for being an awesome musician only but for being an activist too, anyways here some pics I hope you like them :




And always Peace :


You can always try photobucket and image-shack, you will find hundreds of pictures in there.



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