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The Faces to reunite?


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More than 30 years after they broke up, the surviving Faces plan to rehearse for a tour next year - if they can remember the songs

[smaller]Dan Martin | guardian.co.uk | Thursday November 13 2008 | Link[/smaller]

The Faces look like being the next iconic group to jump on the reunion bandwagon.

After more than 30 years since they split, surviving members Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones will reunite for a rehearsal on Monday November 17 "just to check if they can remember the songs".

And while a source has insisted to Billboard that "nothing is definite yet", plans are afoot for a tour next year if things go well. Stewart's touring bass player is expected to replace the late Ronnie Lane.

Formed out of the Small Faces following the departure of Steve Marriott and with the addition of Stewart and future Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood (both from the Jeff Beck Group), the Faces released four albums, First Step, Long Player, A Nod Is As Good As a Wink ... to a Blind Horse and Ooh La La, before splitting in 1975.

There have been several incomplete one-off reunions in recent years, and as Stewart said in 2006: "It'd be great to put the band together for a charity (or) a one-off event. Ronnie is always up for it. So's Ian and Kenney. We'd just need to find ourselves a bass player."

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[big]The Faces reunite for 2009 comeback tour[/big]

According to Ronnie Wood, not only are they rehearsed and ready to go, they may even enlist Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to play bass

[smaller]Sean Michaels | guardian.co.uk | Tuesday December 2 2008 | Link [/smaller]

It seems they remember the songs after all. Ronnie Wood has confirmed rumours that the Faces will reunite, promising a comeback tour in 2009. They may even bring a Red Hot Chili Pepper along for the ride.

"It's like no time has passed by," Wood told Rolling Stone magazine this week. "We had a few rehearsals last week and we're ready to go."

Though original bassist Ronnie Lane died in 1997, the Faces have had no shortage of interest when it comes to low-note plinkety-plunkers. Conrad Korsch, Rod Stewart's touring bassist, sat in on the rehearsals - but "there's a lot of guest bass players [who] want to do it," Wood said, "including Flea".

Though we're not sure we want to hear a "funky" version of Ooh La La, Wood has even hinted at new studio material. "Rod wants me to write a load of new stuff for him," he said. Wood has a fair bit of free time – there's no word "when [or] where" the Rolling Stones will next get together.

Though the Faces have yet to announce any tour dates, it's just a matter of juggling itineraries, Wood said. "We just have to sort out [dates and locations] and drop all of the management egos. We know we can do it. It's just a matter of getting everyone's availability sometime next year."

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The Faces to reunite

Holy mackerel if that wouldn't be a great thing to happen!

Since I was a wee-young lad I always considered Rod Stewart the epitome of what a great lead singer should be as this song proves.

I forgot to mention the talents of Ron Wood. My bad. (he was a great guitarist but I always thought he was/is an even better artist)!

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