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low spark by traffic

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I've always considered Low Spark of High Heeled Boys to be such a magnificent work of art that it's an inkblot from which each individual can decipher a different meaning.

Some say it was a direct slam against glam rock and Mott the Hoople, who were supposedly bitter over SW being the golden child of Island Records and getting all of the cash and attention. Others comment about a rebel attitude. Even others proclaim it to be about the music industry shattering the dream of integrity and the importance of the Spirit in all things.

This is one of those songs that I can listen to and gather a different meaning each time. Undoubtedly Traffic's greatest effort.

To me, The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys is when one becomes famous and everything turns superficial. Everything is at one's grasp and while having everything one loses a certain excitement. Privacy is gone, friendships are questioned as well as love. Sometimes it's better to want something than actually having it. There's a great emptiness that comes with fame. Once you have everything there's nothing to look forward to.

One that walks tall isn't always happy. Even though a head may be high, the fire inside is but a spark.

Next time I listen to the song it will mean something else, just like an inkblot. I've always thought that the greatest work of art needs not a definition and this is one of them, but, it is fun to ponder.

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