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Band charging £1,200 for new single


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Subliminal Girls' new release will cost a pretty packet

[smaller]NME.com | Oct 30, 2008 | Link[/smaller]

London five-piece Subliminal Girls are set to release a limited-edition version of their new single, 'Self-Obsession Is An Art Form', with each copy priced at £1,200.

Ten copies of the limited-edition vinyl single, released on November 17, will be made. It will come packaged in a box with an art print, a photographic book, a screen-printed T-shirt, an acrylic disk and signed negatives of the band.

Pop artist Stuart Semple, who designed the singles, said the move was a measure designed to "fight iPod culture in which album covers are reduced to thumb-nails," according to a statement.

The singles will be available to buy from the Opus Gallery's website, Opus-art.com.

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