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2009 in music

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I have Mark Lanegan's album Bubblegum, it's great IMO. The one he and Greg Dulli put out last year was pretty good as well.

Anyone heard the new Grizzly Bear album? I love it, probably my favorite of the year so far.

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placebo's album is premiering today! :)

They send me a personal email :cool:

--> You can login to the playback 5 times from 9am on Friday 29th May until midnight Sunday 31st May.


Mr E send me an email too :D


From now until it's released on Tuesday you can stream the entire new EELS HOMBRE LOBO album at the EELS MySpace page here:



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Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be releasing their as-yet-untitled 3rd album on Monday 24th August 2009.

Produced by Josh Homme in the Mojave Desert and LA, and with James Ford in Brooklyn, the album features ten new Arctic Monkeys songs.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. My Propeller

2. Crying Lightning

3. Dangerous Animals

4. Secret Door

5. Potion Approaching

6. Fire And The Thud

7. Cornerstone

8. Dance Little Liar

9. Pretty Visitors

10. The Jeweller’s Hands

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From Blur's Facebook page:

SEE BLUR PLAY LIVE TONIGHT! To celebrate today's release of Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide To Blur (EMI), Blur will play a short live set somewhere in London tonight. The first 170 people to the Brixton Academy Box Office from 11am will get a chance to see Blur later today (15th June 2009).

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just browsed a bit through Nouvelle Vague's new album '3'

(that's the band who covers post-punk and punk songs in a lounge, bossa-nova style)

"Blister in the Sun" is acceptable (not great, but okay)

"God Save the Queen" and "Road to Nowhere" are... what's a nice word for "abysmal"? :P

geez, I am a fan of chillout music, but this is nothing more than muzak.

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The more albums I hear from this year, the more clear it becomes to me that "Manners" by Passion Pit is easily the 2nd best of the year. Well in my opinion at least. Here's my favorite track off the album


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I don't know about that...just think about the difference in emotions conveyed by "Little Secrets" and "The Reeling."

The thing I like most about the album is that you can tell the band is trying really hard. It sounds like no instrument was added just for atmosphere. Every miniscule synthesizer line is done perfectly, to the point that I'm 90% sure that the frontman has OCD. He just has to. It's very refreshing in a scene (indie dance) where what's considered to be cool is a non-chalant "I don't care" sort of vibe.

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I was just listening to the radio today and I realized...2009 has had terrible top 40 radio so far. And I'm not one of those guys who hates everything on top 40 radio...I usually can find enough songs that are either guilty pleasures or stuff I just flat out like that I can flip between stations instead of bringing a CD into the car. But this year has sucked for pop radio so far. "Boom Boom Pow" has been the number one single for what, three months now? Last year had some amazing guilty pleasures (Love in this Club, Closer, and Live Your Life come to mind) and a bunch of legitimately good songs as well (Hot n Cold, Single Ladies) but I can't think of one thing I heard for the first time on the radio in 2009 that I've liked.

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I'm with you Batman. I was listening to the Seacrest Top 40, and Ryan was saying that the top songs this year were "Boom Boom Pow," "Poker Face" and I think something by Beyonce. I actually like GaGa and The Peas, but in most years there are a few songs that would blow these away. Maybe the second half will be better.

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