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Which of these bands is highly Over-Rated?

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Yeah I have to admit, when I was 12 I was a pretty big fan of Linkin Park. Kind of embarassing but what bands does anyone like at age 12 that aren't embarassing? I also admit to being an AC/DC and RHCP fan at one point, but what 14 year old boy doesn't love AC/DC? But they got old really quick.

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Top 10 Most Overrated Bands

There are musicians who live up to expectations, who surpass the hype and deservedly cement themselves into the cultural consciousness. And then there are bands who become so commercialized in the media that they become outworn, and their importance is suddenly no longer able to be exemplified to its original extent. The bands on this list are good and at times can be great, but through constant overkill have revealed themselves as celebrity debasement at its nadir.
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Hiya Levis,

I tell you dear, you have the right to not to digest Thom Yorke nor his lyrics, but really you can't classify Radiohead as overrated by any means, saying overrated means that they have a large base of fans from all walks, mainstream,sellout,commercial .. etc I'm not interested in a discussion/debate as these things obvious .. but sometimes when we don't like someone or something we only see bad things or what we want to see, or the barrier we created make us blind.

Wishing you an awesome weekend,Love you,


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