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Just Added A New Song

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that's kinda what we're going for

...as bonus information

I guess....

when we have the words



we go into this part, where we let everything fall apart and get off-time and tempo

and then ask again


but now the response is

No, Not Yet

then things get together again

and again the question is asked



and into this big majestic instrumental

we thought it was neat.

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I'm sorry

... I dunno if it seems like I just wanna talk about myself sometimes

I just wanna let the forum know that I'm making music

and sometimes it feels like I'm shouting into a mirror

if at times I've seemed forceful, or megolamiacal

I was simply trying to gather attention with flashy titles

and i know

it's better to catch flies with honey rather than



I know that in this modern era




And I just want to be listened to.... and the internet is one of few safe ways to get some listens.

Sorry everyone.

I just wanna make muuuusiks.

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I think it's great scott, that on this site of wanna-be's, wish-we-could's, and I-used-to's, someone is really doing something new! You go kid, we're all supporting you! ;)

and the song sounds cool too.

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sharing creative writing/music/thoughts/mischief is the point of this thread. I'd be rather more concerned if no one posted anything. :crazy:

Scott... never feel too inhibited to share your creative side... and remember, it's when you stop wondering if your ego has taken over, that it has. ;)

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All it takes is an a**load of overdubs and some interesting tones.

That lead guitar part that comes in with the drums, the real chimey one, is the result of my new VOX amp.... wonderful sounding.

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