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Bad Albums by Great Bands

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Did you read the 'honorable mentions' ?

I have to admit, I hadn't noticed them :blush: :laughing:

and "Monster" is one of my favourites R.E.M. albums :P

"Vitalogy" maybe isn't their best, but: Spin the Black Circle, Not For You, Corduroy, Better Man, Immortality?

a 'bad' album would have a different tracklist ;)

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in regards to the Honorable mentions, i know Pearl Jam has put out a few albums far worse than Vitalogy.

Maybe i was just young, but when Metallica's Load came out i thought it wasn't too bad, of course maybe there is a reason that I haven't listend to it since then.

What about Kiss's dico album. I'm not in the KISS army or anything, but the fact they did a disco album should rank 'em 1 on that list

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