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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #137

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ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE MOST WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. The greater the participation, the more diverse, and more representative our top ten list is. We'd like to invite everyone to help us select THE SONGFACTOR'S CHOICE TOP TEN! :)


* Nominate two songs that haven't made the Ten before ... Click here to view Every Song That's Made The Songfactors' Choice Top Tens (Artists). ... And here to view Every Song That's made The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten (Songs)

Yes, it's true, we now have two, two, two lists in one! :)

* When nominations close, choose your favorite Ten songs in order of preference from the Final Nominations and post them here. Points are allotted, 10 for your #1 song, 9 for #2, Etc. and our Top Ten is compiled from them. At the end of the voting period we'll announce The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten For that week.



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Nothing on top but a bucket and a mop

And an illustrated book about birds

See a lot up there but don’t be scared

Who needs action when you got words

Pepper - The Butthole Surfers

Some will die in hot pursuit

In fiery auto crashes

Some will die in hot pursuit

While sifting through my ashes

Some will fall in love with life

And drink it from a fountain

That is pouring like an avalanche

Coming down the mountain

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I noticed 10K. Radhi & Martin will see it. That is actually MindCrime's Personal Top Ten, with the original list being made up of his 50 choices. This is the Weekly Top Ten (we're big on voting around here! ;) ). You're welcome to play here as well. We each nominate 2 songs, and midweek we vote on them. It's a pretty popular little game, it's been going on for 137 weeks! :)

Anyway, give us two songs. Midweek we all vote for our favorite 10 from the nominations. There are threads (see the opening post for this thread) that will show you what songs have and haven't made the Top Ten list, and how it works. It's easy, and you know you want to. ;)

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karma, I had a Doobie Brothers song up there and changed it. I love Doobies! :D

I really like the Doobies too. Even like this song :D:D I didn't know that Deep Purple had done a version of Kentucky Woman tho'. I just sort of stumbles onto it in my wanderings. I really like them too.

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I swear...I almost cried looking at that list.

Not a single Tool song?

Well here you go:

1. Sober ~ Tool (1993)

2. Always ~ Saliva (2003)

2. Hurt ~ Johnny Cash (NIN cover) (2002)

Wait wait wait! I change my mind.

Eek! We'll wait. ;) We'll wait for another choice as well darlin' because "Hurt" has already made the Ten. Will you please give us another?

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