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I had some 5000 albums, singles and tapes in the early 80s. Then I stopped counting and started to get rid of most of it all.

I have no idea about what I have (1000 albums? 500 cds?) but I think I have every piece of music I worship...

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Like Edna, Marc and Shawna I had thousands of albums at one point. That gave way to thousands of cassette tapes. Then the period of audiophile tape recording with 'top of the line' dual cassette decks, passing out tapes to friends and business associates. The taping of radio shows for a couple of decades... buying the best blank tape @ 100 per case and using Dolby S noise reduction system. Radio shows of blues, jazz, big band and retro-swing. I had about 1500 (90 minute) cassettes, before having to get rid of half the boxes in the last move.

Then compact discs came along and I probably peaked out at 1200, now down to 500. Downloadable songs, we have around 5000 mostly not the same as in the compact disc library, but lot's of songs I used to have on old albums and early cassettes.

I still listen to the radio show cassettes looking for old gems and chestnuts.


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I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, which I should most likely be medicated for hahah, but I really like adding new music to my small library. If I didn't already collect movies, books, new clothes (belts and shoes, mainly), I'd have surpassed 10K albums by now. Ironically, I'm not an audiophile, a videophile, or a bibliophile: I don't have good audio equipment or vinyl, I don't have good video equipment or cameras (or even a decent television), and I don't buy first editions of books. Somehow, I get this irrational need of wanting to own junk that keeps me entertained :beatnik:


Addendum: At one time, I collected comic books, but I made for a terrible collector because I kept opening sealed comic books to read them and draw the characters - which made my collection worthless :cool:


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I kept opening sealed comic books to read them and draw the characters - which made my collection worthless :cool:

a fact that I have never understood about any collector's items. Why would one want something that was still in its original wrapping, if not to open it up and enjoy the contents? I'd have done the same thing, which makes me a terrible collector of valuable things. :grin:

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