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A Complete Study on the Design And Construction of Culverts in America

chapter one

A Neverending Battle Between Forever and Right Now

Right now is self indulgence: the ultimately suicidal but collectively sustaining drive arising from a vain psychological need to validate existence by attempting to foresee and control the circumstances of one's own mortality.

Physical want and needs. Discontent, anger and hunger. Are these the immediate urges that propel every practical innovation and give rise to lasting civilization?

... A concern for the future common good: Kindness, empathy and selflessness. Does the way we internally rationalize and impossibly argue our certain un-predictable finite life-span, make possible any shared belief, lasting happiness, love or hope of feeling part of forever?


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I quite like this, or at least, I briefly enjoyed considering the philosophical questions it poses. Also, I appreciate the surreal lack of conceptul link between the title of your work and the content itself. I'm not sure how well it stands up in terms of the creativity of the writing however. That said, I think I would be sufficiently interested to "read on", because I get the impression that the unfolding story might at least prove thought-provoking.

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Thank you. I really very much appreciate the feedback!!! I know it has nothing to do (at least yet) about songs or music, I just thought it was so cool that Songfacts had a 'Creative Writing' forum on it's boards, I had to post something.

This is part of a set of ideas ive been kicking around in the back of my head and occasionally in hastily scribbled random notes, trying to put my wonderings into words. My discovery of this blog for some reason filled me with a ridiculous urge to share and inspired me to attempt to articulate. And sort of put out there, these ideas, and what I thought might be a set of storys in example.

There is more. For a while I have, for my own amusment, been compileing a series of a kind of sur-real bromide poetry and character studys shareing a somewhat in-common philisophical thread. This pertaining abstractly to nothing less (ha ha) than the many meanings of (or lack thereof) existence and the infinitely varied but remarkably common and similar manifestation of human personality... I honestly don't know where it's really going. It's just something I do, somewhat compulsivly I must admit, in my spare time. And since I never really thought anyone else would ever read any of it, felt no great need to make it all that clear or even completely understand it myself. I will post another page here soon if no one objects. Or not. It is nowhere near, and may never be, a finished thing and when I see my words now on the screen in front of me, I am not at all happy with their arrangement, or clarity. I have already revised these 1st short paragraphs a ridiculous number of times, but I will only submit this one revision now....

A Complete Study On the Design, Construction and Repair of Culverts in America

chapter one


Right now is self-indulgence. A personally suicidal, but collectively sustaining, innate urge to insanely try to control and calculate the utterly uncontrollable circumstance of one's own mortality. It is a distinctly human trait. Humans, after all, with our bless-id consciousness, are also the only beings cursed with sure knowledge of their own certain, un-predictable mortal demise. The only ones aware of those swiftly rising waters of time that, despite all man-made diversions, will sooner or later flood and wash away, suddenly or slowly, all their existance. Right now is vanity, discontent and hunger. Along with indignant rage, these may be the currents to propell human innovation and organization.

Forever is next. It's the higher ground we give of ourselves. To feel a relation to the past and empathy for the future. Again, uniquely human. Maybe, the same, born of a vain self-interest in exerting some control over an imagined future only a human can imagine. The capacity to feel irrational kindness or sadness. To nurture and provide. To give and to steal. To love and to hate. To dig the ditchs. To dam the gutters. To loath, yet long to feel apart of, eternity. These are the locks that rise human culture, religion and chaos.


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