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Allee Willis ("September," "Neutron Dance")


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Being a huge fan of the Funk, I was thrilled to speak with the woman who helped bring us many of Earth, Wind & Fire's hits, including "September."

Writing with EW&F opened her mind, and it's remained that way ever since. Along with Mark Cuban, she came up with a prototype for the first online Social Network in the early '90s. They told every record company they could find that their business model had to change, but none of them listened, clinging instead to the traditional methods of selling $18 CD from record stores. Now, Allee is working on "Non-Linear Songwriting," which I know sounds a little wacky, but she won me over to the idea. Think about how you used a computer in the '80s - just you and the machine. As technology evolved, you connected with other people, gave feedback, shared ideas. Why can't your songlistening experience be similar? She's putting this into action, and it will happen.

Allee was very generous with her time and also told enlightening and amusing stories about some of her hits, including Neutron Dance and that pesky Friends theme.

Read the Allee Willis interview.

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