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Happy Birthday Lucky !


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Thanks you guys. Your wishes mean a lot to me. you've been here for me through a h*ll of a lot, more than you even know. Y'all always make me smile, and sometimes that's the most important thing. This has truly been the best birthday I've had in years. You guys started it off with a bang, and I gotta tell you it continued all day long.

Mother Nature graced me with splendid thunder, fair to middling lightning, a spatter of rain and the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen on my morning drive to work. As a refugee from the land of big weather it was like a sign and I loved it!

Anyway, thanks to all of you. All of you ....

my life was changed for the better when I met her.

..... And this man (the sweetest curmudgeon this side of the Rockies ;) ) are the reason they call me Lucky. I'm blessed.

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Carole, without sounding too melodramatic or anything, you are absolutely the strongest and most dignified lady I know in the face of some of the most difficult situations a person should never have to go through. Words cannot describe how happy I am that you are in such a good place now, spiritually and physically.

Okay, enough mushy mush...

Here's hopin' you had a proper redneck birthday, complete with the ultimate redneck song.

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