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Have You Ever Played Air Piano


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I play air piano all the time. Bohemian Rhapsody, Twilight (By ELO) Sheep (Pink Floyd), Tell Me To My Face (Dan Fogelberg/ Tim Weisberg). All good air piano songs. Of course, I could manage a few of those on a real piano. But for some of them, the air just sounds better.

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With my Princess Steinway in its worst state for 14 years, my only option left is to play all piano music silently..

My favourites on air piano include "Frank And Jesse James" by the late Warren Zevon, "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, a few selected favourites from The Everly Brothers, including "Arms Of Mary", and most Beach Boys material, particularly off the two initial albums.

Personally, I believe it to be a relief that I'm not the only person who partakes in this skill (pastime, act, usw).

Love and mercy


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Dug, you are not alone. The dash board of my truck is my keyboard. I love using it to play air piano.

The keyboard part in Audioslave's Like a Stone is one of my favourite solos. Going down the street I probably look quite silly, fingers up and down the dash like Rick Wakeman.

I had a 65 impala that had a metal dash that I used as air drums but one morning I realized the dents may have never happened had I been playing the piano.

Needless to say, air piano and dashboards go together more friendly than the air drums as I've yet to dent or crack my vinyl dash from hitting the keys.

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Yes, I do too. Mostly to boogie woogie type beats. My old great auntie( gone now, sadly) who was apparently the floozy of the family, used to go to roadhouses during WWII and play her heart out. My grandma read music and played in the church, but auntie mae played with a cigarette hanging out her mouth and a drink on the piano. She played by ear. They both taught me a lot and since I don't own a piano Its air all the way. ::

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