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your top 5 least favorite bands

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1. The Tragically Hip - I didn't think it was possible to dislike a vocalist more than I dislike Sting, but Gord Downie proved me wrong.

2. The Police - Sting's vocals. What more needs to be said. UGGH!!

3. The Dave Matthews Band - Another singer (and I use the term loosely) I dislike intensely.

4. Streetheart - Canadian crap at its best (or worst).

5. Motorhead - Monotonous, cacophanous rubbish.

I did not include any rap or hip-hop artists (insert choking sound here) because I loathe them all.

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I don't like rap much myself, i did listen to it in high school when I thought I was cool, but what about the Beastie Boys?

or Dr. Dre-Chronic 2001, although an album i never put on, but it was the most complete rap album i've ever heard

or 2 Pac, once again I don't blast him while i'm rolling through the hood, but he actually has some insightful things to say, which most of the time rap isn't about depth, but just about b#$#@es and marijuana, and im guessing that would be that would be your main arguement,

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Sidenote: one of the things in pop music that bothers me more than anything else is people who complain about the lack of meaningful content in rap lyrics and then turn around and listen to meaningless psychedelic mumbo jumbo from the 60's.

No knock against psychedelic mumbo jumbo of course, I love both psychedelic lyrics and rap lyrics.

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