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Goth (80s) involved a lot of black, but not so much the "tortured and misunderstood horsecrap". Emo, (relatively recent phenomenon) entails the nauseating self-pity, but perhaps less emphasis on blackness.

I'm not aware of either goth or emo being at all prevalent in the 90s, but there may have been some kind of a resurgence in the US (as there was with punk rock); not having visited the States during that decade (or any other), I have remained in blissful ignorance thereof.

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Okay, people, the event has come and gone. Thank you all so much for your input and advice. I decided to go grunge. The goth had an ambiguous time frame and I didn't have the patience to explain anything else to the uninformed masses all day long.

So here I am. Backwards baseball hat, thermal undershirt, flannel shirt wrapped around my waist, long cargo shorts, Chuck Taylor high tops. To make the grunge thing more authentic, I also shot smack and penned an incomprehensible 13 stanza song about the plight of the pygmies in the ancient Aztecian society and how it relates to my daddy not loving me enough.

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:


The sun was in my eyes; thus the dumb look on my face.

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I know this is kinda late, I can't believe I missed this thread.

The whole ADIDAS hip-hop look was popular in the late 90's.

Wearing a baseball cap backwards and baggy pants started going in style.

Stussy, No Fear, and Mossimo were popular Prep clothing brands.

Also, hemp necklaces were popular for the stoners.

And don't forget about Pagers, remember beepers? Me neither.

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