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Bo Bice (American Idol)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd is the band that pops to mind when thinking about who Bo Bice reminds me of. He's Southern fried, swampy, and a true country gentleman, who is as dedicated to his life's work as he is to his family, which just increased by 1 at the beginning of August.

When I talked with Bo, he had just arrived with his band at the night's venue and was fixin' to go inside for a sound check. He was nothing if not open and genuinely excited to be talking about his songs and the experiences he had in recording them.

American Idol behind him (rumor is he's happy he didn't win), Bo is on to bigger and better stuff, and digging into his back pocket to find it where he left it a decade ago... read here for the full Songfacts interview

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