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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

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the old thread seems to be AWOL, so here goes The Guns of Brixton ~ The Clash

The Monkees - "Goin' Down" Damn, this is good.

Confetti cannons came into my life yesterday, so I had to play this.

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A video by them for you that no one will watch but that's ok, I expect most peeps to find them rather :sleepy:

I watched it, ji. I try to listen (and watch) everything my Songfactor family tells me to. That's how I learn about music I might not otherwise be aware of. Wow, check out my awkwardly worded sentences. Excellent.

Anyhoo, I refuse to let my world consist of only the things in my immediate geographic area. Otherwise I'd be banging sheep and listening to Toby Keith. :shades:

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That's cool, but you don't HAVE to. I just like posting videos as and when I find them out of excitement that they actually exist more so than wanting people to listen to them. My posts in such cases may sound a bit passive-aggressive, but I really do mean you aren't under any obligation to click :thumbsup: :D

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