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temporary what's happening


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Hi all. We use shared hosting that is run by the Fusion people to operate the boards. It's handy because they know how the boards work and can take care of problems pretty quickly. The downside to shared hosting is that other sites are on the server, and in this case one of them turned out to be a spammer and mangled the server a bit before they could boot him.

The threads are not lost, but disconnected. To get them back, we'll have to close the boards for maybe an hour or so and run some scripts to try and recover them. I've asked the mods if they think it's worth it to try and recover the lost threads, but please let me know what you think. I know it sucks to lose posts.

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I agree with all of the above.

Yeah, I don't think Ron Jon's Top Ten was completed, and it's not fair to him to not have results or to have to re do his ten.

That one at this time is the most important to retrive I think. It could be redone I'm sure but just wouldn't be the same :crazy:

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Looks like this will go down late night/early morning US time tonight/tomorrow. Godspeed the scripts.

oh good - hopefully I'm still at uni :)

Apologies for the delay with the PTT everyone :(:P (Why do I apologise? it's not my fault really... eh well... sories!)

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