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Pineapple Express

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lmao i was blazed out of my f*cking mind when i saw it. probably half the reason it was so funny. but i saw seth rogen in an interview about it, and he was like "basically, i wanted the whole movie to come down to a question: could i stop smoking weed if my life actually depended on it? and the answer of course is no"

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a friend and I got baked last night and watched it. I remember laughing my ass off, and wondering why the hell it was so violent, then getting really paranoid. I was on a school trip, so I was worried the teachers were gonna come in and smell the weed so I was really freaking out, in a kind of comical way.

Anyways, I missed most of what little plot there was, and really only got to enjoy the slapstick comedy, so I'm going to have to watch it again not (or just less) stoned.

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