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Britney vs. Christina


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As I write this, VH1 is running a special on Britney vs. Christina. What do I have to do to get on one of these shows and give commentary? If these unknown commedians and out-of-work actors are somehow qualified to give their opinions, certainly some of us are. Anyway, here's the dirt, courtesy of my friend Rob:

Don't count Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who started their careers together in "The Mickey Mouse Club" and both bussed Madonna at September's MTV Video Music Awards, as kissin' kin.

In the December issue of Blender magazine, Aguilera, 23, says of Spears: "She seemed very distant, even during rehearsals.... She seems to me like a lost little girl, someone who desperately needs guidance."

Spears, 22, hasn't taken Aguilera's comments lightly.

As reported by the Associated Press, the pop princess recalls in the

magazine's January issue a story about seeing former friend Aguilera for the first time in two years. "She comes up to me in a club in front of all these people and tries to put her tongue down my throat!," says Spears.

"I say, 'It's good to see you,' and she goes, 'Well, you're not being real

with me.' I was like, 'Well, Christina, what's your definition of real? Going up to girls and kissing them after you haven't seen them for two years?'

"A lost girl? I think it's probably the other way around," adds Spears. "I

can't believe she said that about me. When someone has been rude to you so many times, it's like, 'You know what, Christina, I'm really not about the fake ... anymore.

Spears also reportedly told Aguilera to her face: "You're scary and I feel

really dark when I'm around you.'"

Happy New Year, ladies.

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Dateline - AP

Monday, January 5, 2004 Posted: 7:47 AM EST (1247 GMT)

Britney Spears weds -- but will annul marriage

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Pop star Britney Spears married a childhood friend from Louisiana in an early morning ceremony, but quickly arranged to have it annulled, a source close to the singer told The Associated Press on Sunday.

George Maloof Jr., owner and operator of the Palms Casino Hotel, confirmed that the 22-year-old Spears married Jason Allen Alexander of Kentwood, Louisiana, about 5:30 a.m. Saturday at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

"Nobody knew it was coming," said Maloof, Spears' good friend. The two arranged an annulment Saturday afternoon in the presence of several people, including a Las Vegas lawyer, said a source close to Spears who spoke on condition of anonymity. The signed annulment will be filed when the courts open Monday morning, the source said.

Calls to Spears' representatives were not immediately returned.

Spears and Alexander journeyed by limousine to the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip after a stop at the Ghostbar, a club in the Palms Casino Hotel. The chapel staff told the couple they couldn't get married without a license, so they were taken to get a license and driven back to the chapel, where they were married.

The bride wore a baseball cap and torn jeans down the aisle and was escorted by a Palms limousine driver, the source told the AP.

Maloof denied rumors that Spears was drunk and had to be carried out of the Rain nightclub inside the Palms on New Year's Eve.

"I was with her the whole night," he said. "None of those reports were accurate. She was just having a good time."

Spears was still staying at the Palms and was expected to leave Sunday. Employees at the chapel declined comment.

Alexander was back in his hometown Sunday, according to his grandfather, Robert Alexander.

Britney Spears, 22, walked down the aisle in blue jeans and a baseball cap, according to People.com.

"He'd been through a lot. We pick up in New Orleans coming back and he didn't have much to say," the elder Alexander told Entertainment Tonight.

"I wish them well," he said. "Whatever happens, happens."

He said Spears and Alexander had also spent Christmas Eve together.

Calls to Alexander's family home in Kentwood, La. were answered by a machine. His grandmother said any details about the wedding would have to come from Jason or his father.

"We know about the wedding and stuff. It's all over the news," Betty Alexander said.

Spears released her fourth album, In the Zone, last November. It debuted at the top of the album charts. She begins a concert tour March 2 in San Diego.

* in other news Britney Spears in the 2003 #1 Google request.

Now what can Christina do to top this?!!

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What if Britney got married, had it anulled, and..... no one cared? To be honest, I think of the Sex Pistols every time I see / hear about Britney and / or Christina. Mr Lydon, if you will?

"Don't ask us to attend

'cos we're not all there.

Oh don't pretend 'cos I don't care

I don't believe illusions 'cos too much is real

So stop your cheap comment

'cos we know what we feel

Oh we're so pretty

Oh so pretty

we're vacant

Oh we're so pretty

Oh so pretty


Oh we're so pretty

Oh so pretty

Ah but now

and we don't care" - Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant"

(Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols).

Paris Hilton is brought to mind as well.


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What if Britney got married, had it anulled, and..... no one cared?

I don't think it's a question " what if "? I think it's more a fact like... What is! (i.e. I don't think anybody cares)but it's like a car wreck, everyone wants to have a look - but let's face it - if it weren't for the "stupid news stories"... think of all those extra trees that would be hanging over our heads. ::

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Don't like either one of them. they both have to rely on creating controversy and looking sleazy to maintain their popularity. Christina, yes, can sing, but you put her next to some of the truly great vocalists she still pales in comparison.

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personally i dont care about Britney or Christina. Christina has a great voice and she is musically inclined but it dissapointes me that she "sold out" so to speak. Britney cant sing. Id like to see Britney try and sing a Christina ballad ie Beautiful. that would get a laugh.

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