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Want a side order of french fries with that IRONY?

Apparently the kings of rip-offs, The Beastie Boys have installed a virus onto their new cd. When you put the cd into your cd-drive and it starts up, it puts a virus onto your computer that prevents you from "ripping" music off of cds onto your computer. This is a direct violation of your rights, because people are allowed to put music onto their computer, for their personal use and backup.

Working in a music store I have told many people this, and they have joined my ban of their cd.

Apparently Velvet Revolver and Probot (Dave Grohl's new band) have something similar to this. Their's is set up to prevent you from "ripping" it to your computer.

Personally I think the RIAA is becoming the most well-funded terrorist organization around.

Just letting everyone know, feedback?

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From what I heard, the Velvet Revolver has it so you can only 'burn' the CD a certain number of times, but I think you can still rip the tracks to your hard drive without a problem.

Even though I like the Beastie Boys, that is super lame, I have on my hard drive about 3000 tracks (everyone of them completely legal) So if that was to be hindered in any way, I'd be pissed.

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Apparently the kings of rip-offs, The Beastie Boys have installed a virus onto their new cd.

hmmm, I don't think the b-boys know enough programming to make that autorun. All EMI/Capitol CD's have the same copy protection. When you are dealing with this big labels, there's not much the artist can do to control the release of their music.

The code is installed into memory, not the hard drive. Still a violation of privacy, but not a virus that can damage your data. I don't know what people need to go through to understand that Window$ is just crap. It's vulnerable to all kinds of viruses, spyware, malware and so on, plus it seems it self-destructs. Linux is free, and a whole lotta safer and more stable.

Oh and I d/l the album as soon as it came out (I don't buy CD's owned by IRAA anymore, unless absolutely necessary), so I guess the copy protection is no problen to anyone with any knowledge in ripping.

Oh and the beastie boys are not rip-offs. Many people don't understand the concept of sampling. This is not the average hip-hop you hear on the radio. And they have whole albums of punk/hardcore with nothing but drums, bass and guitars. But everyone is entittled to their opinion.

Well, there's my feedback.

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This is just like the old battle between hackers and software companies. No matter how hard they try to protect the registering process, someone will come along with a crack/keygen. Same goes with CD copy protection. The right software will allow you to make working backup copies of any Playstation, XBox, Gamecube PC game, Movie, software, you name it.

The part that saddens me the most is that is the consumer who ends up paying for all those xtra costs. Plus is a direct violation of the EULA whch clearly implies that a back up copy can legaly be made.

Down with the big industry and their greedyness.

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