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Inside the Actor's Studio. Originally aired in April 1995, James Lipton discusses with Elton John his career. The how's and whys of a songwriter that has written some of the best music of the 20th century. :bow:

This is an expanded 2 hour segment. One of the most interesting 2 hours I've spent lately. Well worth you time, I recommend it totally.

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' Get Smart ' : Season 1 DVDs

Laughing my as* off . Timeless stuff . Getting a kick out of seeing it in color now , as we only had a Black and white TV until '72 and I never remembered seeing it in color . Only $16.00 bucks from Amazon - what a deal ! Surprised to that it was written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry - didn't care about that as a kid .

99 is still crazy sexy cute !

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