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An episode of Charlie Brooker's Newswipe featuring "the fair and balanced newsmen of dystopian future, sci-fi, satirical, shouty porn sledgehammer channel Fox News". I love the Bill O'Reilly Inside Edition outtake: "I don't what that means, 'to play us out', what does that mean?...We'll do it live!... DO IT LIVE!".:laughing:

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' Foyle's War ' : an excellent BBC production of a police superintendent working mostly in the city and area of Hastings during WWII . Much in the style of typical English 'who done its '- a la 'Poirot '- this series has the complexities of the war going on and surprising viewers that not all were in it together , contrary to popular belief. As well , each episode coming in at 90+ minutes is like a mini movie .

Michael Kitchen as D.S.I Foyle and the rest of the cast are superb . Beautiful scenes of the English countryside , old manners as well as class prejudices are a treat to watch . There is xenophobia , greed , pettiness, and the exploitations of secrecy 'in our best interests ' mentality which often occurs in wartime .

A classic British mystery series with a twist ...a 9/10

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Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle made it through World War II and is about to confront the postwar era. Is another Foyle about to join the police force? Or is Samantha ready to "turn blue"? Will a young "PC Endeavour Morse" bring his sophisticated tastes to DCS Foyle's next post? At least it won't be a "Life on Mars" kind of series? The possibilities boggle the mind...

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