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Dead or Alive?

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I thought of this the other day when hubby said to me he thought Bernie Taupin died a few years ago, I said, "Um no, he's still alive, well at least I think he is."... :P

Simple game...post a name of a famous musician, actor, actress, etc...and the next person will simply answer dead/alive without googling!...then the next person can post a name for the next person.....

I'll start with an easy one...


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Perry Como

Have to wonder if this was in reference to the classic SCTV . segment

[smaller] from Wikipedia: [/smaller]

"The comedy show ... featured a popular sketch with Eugene Levy as Perry Como: Still Alive! . in which the singer was portrayed as so laid-back that he sang while lying down. The sketch became well enough known to have been mentioned in obituaries, which reported that Como had been greatly amused."

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