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Jo Dee Messina - she's kind of a big deal :)

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At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to sit down with country music star Jo Dee Messina for a chat.

Actually, I was sitting. She was probably running around her house getting stuff done. She's high energy that way.

And upon listen-back of our chat, I laughed out loud on so many occasions my son finally had to ask me what in the (bleep) was so funny. Jo Dee's sense of humor knows no equal, nor does her energy. With a laugh that is highly infectious, she puts across such good vibes one can’t help but laugh with her. I bet her shows are foot-stompin' energetic FUN! And I intend to find out when she's in Phoenix next.

Jo Dee has a reputation as a woman with an attitude. Not a bad attitude by any stretch. Rather, a strong woman attitude. And strong women - and men - everywhere love her for it. Songs with lyrics such as "bye-bye, I'll catch you later, got a lead foot down on my accelerator," and "who's your enabler these days? My give a damn's busted," and "She can have you, I'm done," have put her at the top of the country charts for several years.

But - merciful heavens! - she's penned a song that, in her own words, is pure "mush, lovey-dovey," and so out of character for her, that it alone would be worth the price of her soon-to-be-released CD, Unmistakable, not even factoring in her newest song "I'm Done," which is classic Jo Dee hit material.

Jo Dee is kind of a big deal, and it's unmistakable. :grin:

Jo Dee Messina Interview

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SF: God, you remind me so much of one of my friends.

Jo Dee: Everybody says that.

SF: Really?

Jo Dee: Yeah, I remind everybody of one of their friends.

SF: You exude energy in a good way.

Jo Dee: Good. (laughs) That's good. Energy in this drudgery of life. Morbid, dark, heavy (makes weird sound in her throat)…

SF: I don't know how I'm going to put that into an article. (laughs)

Jo Dee: Yeah, spell that. (laughs)

:laughing: :thumbsup:

great read :)

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thanks for the positive comments! This was a really fun interview to do... She kept me on my toes and I think I grinned for the whole rest of the day after talking to her. :grin:

P.S. Peaches, you are a big deal. And I bet your house smells of mahogany. ;)

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Hmmmmm I took it to mean that I was cool to hang out with. Or shortened, cool to hang with. Or shortened more, a cool hang.

Of course, maybe there was something hanging out my nose. But since this was over the phone, I don't know how she'd know. :grin: :laughing:

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