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Music to Mope to


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I'm not talking "oh my god, life is so dire, I must slit my wrists," but I don't want "OOOH! Puppies and rainbows and cookies!" happy songs either, just sort of in between, like Either Way by Wilco, the more dour Travis like "Writing to Reach You." So give me your best mopey songs.

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Radiohead - Bullet Proof

Tim Buckley - Song To The Siren

Wilco - At Least That's What You Said

Tom Waits - Bad Liver And A Broken Heart

Tom Waits - Flowers Grave

King's X - Cigarettes

Coldplay - Amsterdam

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her

Aimee Mann - Wise Up

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Tom Waits - Bad Liver And A Broken Heart

Tom Waits - Flowers Grave

I personally find Tom Traubert's Blues or I Wish I Was in New Orleans a bit more mope-tastic than those two.

King Creosote - And The Racket They Made

Just about anything by Nick Drake

Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will

Have fun. :P

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. This is what I've come up with on my own

Either Way-Wilco

Writing to Reach You-Travis

These Days-Nico

Like the Weather-10,000 Maniacs

Elderly Woman...-Pearl Jam

Heaven Forbid-The Fray

If I Could Write-Sam Phillips

Not a Pretty Girl-Ani Di Franco

B M F A-Martha Wainwright

Trouble-Cat Stevens

Fall on Me-R.E.M.

Sour Girl-Stone Temple Pilots

P. J. Soles-Local H

Champagne Supernova-Oasis

Political Scientist-Ryan Adams

and of course some Nick Drake, and the pretty and mopey Morissey via The Smiths, The Cranberries and Sarah McLachlan.

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good choice Invisible_r!


that's pretty depressing, although I normally go for "fake plastic trees" if I am very miserable!

It's interesting that you mention the SMiths, the lyrics are quite mopey but the music is usually uplifting, same with Grandaddy, so the result can be varried depending on whether you are paying attention to the lyrics or music.

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Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers

All I Know-Art Garfunkel

All My Loving - The Beatles

All My Love - Led Zeppelin

Amelia - Joni Mitchell

Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Angie - Rolling Stones

As Tears Go By

Another Day in Paradise-Phil Collins

Another Sad Love Song-Toni Braxton

At Seventeen-Janis Ian

In the Winter

Baby Blue-Badfinger

Baby I’m-a Want You - Bread

Back 2 Good - Matchbox Twenty


Barely Breathing-Duncan Shiek

Best Of My Love-Eagles

Big Log - Robert Plant

Bird Of Paradise-Snowy White

Blue Eyes -Elton John

Break Down Here-Julie Roberts

Captain Of Her Heart - Double

Can't Find My Way Home -Blind Faith

C'est La Vie -Emerson, Lake And Palmer


Ill' stop on my c's before it gets to out of hand but I could offer lots more. I have a ton of lyrics I have collected over the years.

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Some songs from Pearl Jam's "Ten" album I like to mope to are Black, Oceans, Garden, Deep and Release. Also I like to mope to Since I've Been Loving You, Going to California and The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. I can't think of any other artist I mope to...

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