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Hey just wondering if there are any plans to add some song facts about Genesis' "Domino, Pt. 1 - In the Glow of the Night/Pt. 2-The Last Domino" off of the Invisible Touch album?

I love this song and I have some ideas about the meaning of the song, but my conjectures certainly don't qualify as facts :)


Phil (OM)

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this is all I could find:

"Domino" is a song written by the band Genesis for their 1986 album Invisible Touch. The song was the sixth track on the album. The music was written by the band, while the lyrics were written by keyboardist Tony Banks. The song is divided into two parts, known as "In The Glow Of The Night" and "The Last Domino" respectively. It has been performed on every Genesis tour since 1986, most recently on the Turn It On Again tour.[1].

a less thrustfull source:


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Hey OM, welcome to Songfacts! :)

The adding of facts works like this:

If you have some comments or conjecture, submit them. We have several people that check and verify such things, and hence, they become song facts.

Or, seach and find your own verification of such conjecture, and they would automatically become fact as Viaene did above. Sometimes these things have a domino effect(no pun intended), one persons' comments leading to another, and so forth. You can always ask in the Questions and Answers forum, for verfication of certain things. We have many people here who love to search out the answers to such things, as well as a few Genesis fans who may know about the answers to the very things you are curious about. :)

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